Thursday, November 10, 2011


Late night giggles.

even though it's not that late.

My sister and I can get pretty weird sometimes. Neil was in with the boys helping them fall asleep and I'm sure all he heard was a little buzz buzz from my phone telling me I got a message and then me laughing. It had to do with some "because that means delicious one" and "dod" and "tutu", or "go" "like ga" and "ga tit" which lead to "ga tit too. 2" and turned into "tutu" "that's weird". and anyway, it made me laugh pretty good.

My sister finally signed up for Pinterest... and as she was finally giving up and going to bed I started looking on my quiet amusements board because I wanted to make sure she saw a couple of them. Anyway, they all just made me laugh. especially this one, so here is my picture for the day.

Source: via Diane on Pinterest

good night!! :)

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