Sunday, November 6, 2011


Serving and callings, as well as being released and getting a break. ;)

Starting today I am no longer in YW's. It's bitter sweet. I loved it, loved the girls, greatly enjoyed having something to every Tuesday, loved being involved with the ward on that level. But for right now I am so grateful to be done! To have time for myself, to take care of me, to rest. Time to take care of my family, my husband, my home.

{11/9/11} Now that it's been a couple of days... I didn't realize how much time and energy I put into that calling! These last 3 days have been fabulous! I'm happier than I have been in a long time! I feel great. and I think a lot of these two things come from having the mental energy to take care of "us". For the first time since before Mabel was born probably, I've done all our laundry AND have put it all away at. the. same. time.! Our sink and counter have remained dish free, as in we've stayed on top of washing them and putting them away! It's really surprised me what a stark contrast I've seen of myself in the last couple days! I'm grateful for the time I had to serve and how I grew and what I learned, but for now I'm so thankful that I get a break!!! :)

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