Friday, September 2, 2011


{get ready to sing....} O'Reilly!

We had a little bit of car problems and on Wednesday we went to Autozone... talk about BAD service! The lady basically told us a bunch of mumbo jumbo and when we couldn't get our car started again, refused to give us a jump and we ended up walking home. Excuse me? Aren't they supposed to help you fix your car? Isn't what that store is all about? So confused. Anyway, we were able to bring it home later that day (it started up again) and figured out exactly what was wrong with it: Just needed a new battery - A jump would have been very useful for us. Anyway, we went back the next day and I talked to someone else who was just as unhelpful, hoping he would help us, but alas he wouldn't. Anyway, it was annoying. So then we went to {get ready to sing again...} O'Reilly! It was grand. The guy was really nice, very sympathetic, knowledgeable, and got right to the point with what was wrong: the battery. :) So now we are set and ready to go!! Thank you curly haired man!

PLUS, while we were there Newman drove up! (from Seinfeld) Ok, not exactly but he could have been his twin. It was pretty awesome. :)


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