Monday, September 5, 2011

{9/5/11} Mondays that feel like Saturdays

...but they really are Mondays! I love Labor Day... because Neil doesn't work and kids aren't in school. :) One of the YW came over today to play with Hunter and Jackson. It was awesome!! Hunter absolutely LOVED it! They had so much fun! A few times when I went in his room to talk or see what was going on, Hunter would get up and push me out the door, "Go out Mom!". He wanted her all to himself. It was cute! :) And nice for me because I got my room cleaned up and a lot of things put away! Yippy! :)

Neil also got to watch his movie, or a few. At one point he was watching 10,000 BC, and Jackson was downstairs at the part where the guy meets the saber tooth tiger. I came downstairs just after that to find Jacks growling. When he saw me he ran over to me and tackled me, got on top of me and growled at me for over 5 min! It was awesome! I was laughing my head off... and he was totally serious. :) What a funny boy. I finally got up and he just kept on! He cracks me up.

I also worked a lot on my Modern Swap item... I haven't had so much fun sewing in a while! I am loving it! I also took about a hundred pictures as I've been putting it all together. I asked Neil today, "If I were to make a quilt for our bed, what would you want it to look like?" He told me he really likes the design I'm using for this project, even the same colors of pink and orange. lol. silly boy! I would want it blue and green. ;) I'm not sure though. I think I'll have to wait to see the entire thing to know if I'd really want something so big on my bed. But it was nice of him to say that! :)

Overall, this day has just been super awesome!


all of my favorite things.

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