Friday, September 16, 2011



These quilts are the quilts that I made for my boys when they were born (even though I didn't necessarily finish them at that time). But until today they really haven't been displayed in anyway. I'd say used, but we do pull them from the blanket pile and use them here and there for a nice blanket. Today I decided that since it's getting a little colder, and the need for more than just their blankies is here, that it'd be a good time to actually start making their beds. :) (we just never had any other blanket on their beds besides their blankies - which they just drag around the house all day, so there's no point in making their beds with those). Anyway, I decided I might as well put their blankets on there, and it really makes me so happy! I love it! :)

There is just something about seeing something that you've made with your own two hands being used and loved by those you made it for.  :)

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