Sunday, September 18, 2011

{9/18/11} Family Night

Today was such a great day! :) (Church was another thing... a rather crazy crazy day in and of itself) but today was good. While we were waiting for our crock-pot pulled pork to finish we went on a walk. Hunter was up ahead of me on the sidewalk when we got to one house that has a bunch of dogs, and one little one came running out barking at him. It scared him something fierce and he just cried and cried. It was awesome though because the mom that lives there came running out trying to console Hunter, and got one of the dogs balls and started throwing it/playing catch with the dog, which got Hunter really interested in them. He finally wanted to get down, and as soon as he got an opportunity to throw it, was all over it! He loved playing fetch with the dog, and especially loved it when one of the guys would throw it half way across the church parking lot! Jackson loved it too! He had some sticks in his hand that one of the smaller dogs kept bitting onto and taking out of his hands. They absolutely loved it! And I totally loved, and am grateful, that she came out to help calm Hunter's fears. I know he loves dogs, and I'm glad that he didn't have to walk away from that experience with fear for them in the future. :) What a super great and friendly family!

Then we finished our walk, came home and ate, popped some popcorn and got a surprise knock on the door, and low and behold it was my brother! So he joined us for our Sunday night (carmel) popcorn (which I let boil too long and the carmel got a little too hard - but for only my second time making it, it's not bad!) and a movie (the Princess Bride). :) It was such a fun and nice evening! I LOVE my family! They definitely bring me joy! :)


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