Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{9/6/11} Lap Time

We have started going to the library's lap time - like story time, but for younger kiddos. It's fun. Except my boys are all over the place! It's really good though because not only do they read stories, they also sing songs, and do puppets, and there is usually a lot of interaction. This lady was great because she'd always have some kids come up and hold the animals during the story or song. When Jackson realized there were stuffed animals up there that he could hold he was all over it! As soon as I told him to go up and have a turn, he practically ran to the front! It made me laugh, he's so cute! :) He also wouldn't give the animals back... which I don't know how to feel about that as the parent. ? Oh well. Hunter had fun too, but he's still a little more timid and kept coming back to me and wouldn't stay at the front with the animal for the story. ;) This picture isn't great, but I wanted to capture them up there  - although by the time I took it Hunter was already almost next to me. :) Fun boys! They sure make me laugh!

Hunter is the blur and Jackson is in orange.

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