Sunday, August 14, 2011


365 Moments of Joy

I need to come up with an acronym for this, but am a little hesitant to call it mo-jo, so we'll see what happens. Lol. I'm also not sure how to post it, if it should be a daily thing or a weekly thing with the weeks recap. I guess I have some time to decide before it's over. ;)

Anyway, I have to add one for yesterdays since yesterdays was really Fridays. :) I did not take any pics, probably for the best, but last night I had to get some stuff out of the back of my closet and found my old formal dresses from high school and tried them all on. lol! I even put on my wedding dress. It still fits. Kind of. :) when I came downstairs in it the hubby said seeing it again made him nervous all over again. It was also fun because our first date was jr. prom and then sr. prom, so it was a good walk down memory lane for both of us. (fyi, we weren't hs sweethearts. We didn't get married until 8 years later.) :)

Todays MoJ  (does that work better?) Is this girl:


She is going off to school this week at my favorite school and we will miss her greatly! I have good memories with her, as well as so much respect for her and her goodness. We had a good cry session today with everyone sharing what they love most about her. I am so grateful for so many wonderful people in my life and the opportunity that I have to work with so many great young women! :)

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