Friday, August 26, 2011

{8/26/11} Should-be-Sleeping Boys

pic taken 8/20/11- right after we got back from our vaca

10 minutes ago: This little guy should have been sleeping, but I spotted him at the top of the stairs. I thought it was Hunter because usually he's the one that gets up after they should be asleep. I didn't think anything of it until I looked over and saw his cute head peaking out from behind our cabinet. Then quick as could be he'd pull his head back to the corner and hide. Aaaaahhhhh! He is SO CUTE! :) He did that a couple of times until I went over to him. What a sweet heart. My favorite thing is how he says "yesss" and "Yeah." and how every time he has the perfect inflections to portray exactly how he feels at the moment. He is very expressive for the small vocabulary that he has at the moment. I love him! Sometimes I wish I could freeze everything else in life and just focus on each of my children individually, with no distractions. And just be purely in the moment with them for all moments. They grow up way too fast! I sure love being a mom!

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