Thursday, August 25, 2011




When Hunter woke up from his nap today he was VERY insistent that we go for a walk. And I'm so very glad he did! Some thunderstorms were blowing in so it had cooled down tremendously, and it was so nice to get out of our hot house into a nice cool breeze. Not to mention the light sprinkles. 

There was one house we walked past that had their sprinklers on, which were spraying a little bit onto the sidewalk, I was walking in the street watching Hunter as he was distracted by something else, and didn't notice he was walking into water. His reaction once he realized he was getting wet was SO funny! He was super startled (the look on his face was like, "What the water?!!!"), then he ducked and ran past them as fast as he could. When we walked past the house later another set came on, one of which rotated a little. He got close enough that it would spray him every few seconds and he would just giggle. It was so cute/funny watching him! He is such a fantastic little man!

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