Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{8/28/11} And the Thunder Rolls

... and the lightning strikes!! Ok, no. Not the country song. We went on a walk tonight so I could deliver the invitations for Standards Night coming up and while we were out we watched an awesome lightning storm move closer and closer to us from across the southern part of the lake. It was so beautiful! I love being out at dusk as the sky gets dark from the storm clouds but you still have that little bit of light shining through from the west. It was such a nice night and fun running around in the wind. I sure love going out and just taking a few minutes to talk to neighbors and friends. I guess that's one nice thing about being in Utah, we know so many of our neighbors. Because they're all in our ward! :) Anyway, we did make it home before the storm hit us and we were able to stay dry. Though it was a good excuse to race... and that is a favorite thing lately - racing Hunter. He's so fun. :)

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