Monday, August 22, 2011



she is so beautiful, and I feel like none of the pictures I take of her do her justice. I could watch her all day, she is such a wonderful little girl. I love my boys to death, but there is something about this girl that is so different. I think there has been maybe one or two times that I've thought, "Oh, she's a baby." Usually she just stands out so strongly as her own little individual self, and it's so interesting to me that at such a young age she can have such personality and radiance. It's hard to think of her as a baby, and yet at the same time it is so hard to watch her grow so fast! She's already way bigger than Jacks was at this age, and sometimes I feel like I need to have another little girl just to make up for how fast she is growing and that I feel like I'm not getting enough of her infant stage. :)

On another note, she is so giggly, and is starting to play! She loves to watch all of us, and laughs a lot more when we tickle her or play with her. Everything about her brings me joy!

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